The Case For Conscientious Objection To Military Service

The Case For Conscientious Objection To Military Service

The military is the government agency tasked with defending a country from external aggression, promoting world peace, and maintaining order domestically. It’s also the oldest armed force in the world. This article will discuss how the military has changed over time.

Military history can be traced back to ancient times when humans first took up arms to defend themselves against other humans. The first nation state was Egypt in 3100 BC. Egypt’s pharaohs would send troops into battle when they were threatened by other nations or tribes around them. This led to increased tension with neighboring countries since they were often invaded by their neighbors for land or resources.

Due to this aggression, armies became more important and weapons evolved from clubs and spears to swords and shields made of metal. With these advancements, battles became more deadly because

The military is an organization authorized by the civilian government to use lethal force, usually in defense of its country.

Military forces typically consist of four or five major branches: an Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. The fifth branch is the Coast Guard in the United States and the Royal Canadian Navy in Canada.

Today’s military has evolved from centuries of tradition and history from ancient times to today’s high-tech weapons systems. The United States has the world’s largest military budget, spending about $640 billion per year (2% of GDP).

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